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From organic farm to vegan table

“‘Good’ is a ROUND word.


When a child says, “it’s GOOD,” he tells of a world untouched, pure, essential.


“You’re good,” means: “I can trust, I feel safe.”

This is true for humans, but also for nourishment.


A child is master of the essential innate ideas. Adults need to relearn to feel, to savor the taste of food connected to the taste of life. You Are Here, and on this table you receive the privilege of that ‘good’ that has the taste of childhood.


Close your eyes for a moment, while you perceive the food that from your mouth diffuses energy and pleasure in every part of you.


Organic, for what we produce, it is truth, not a definition of fashion: we cultivate without using herbicides or pesticides with an arduous daily work between the rows.

ristorante samadhy vegan vegetariano lecce salento
ristorante vegano vegetariano lecce salento

Grow for us means supporting and not interrupting the cycle of life.


This food walks only a few steps to get from the garden to our kitchen.


Yes, this food is Good, because it made with love, because it is good for your health and at the same time does not harm anyone; to get on your plate it does not exploit other creatures, did not generate suffering,

and does not bring pain residues, but joy.


It is a harmonious food, whole, in harmony with creation, with Mother Earth.


This food is the present but also the future toward which to aim. The deep aspiration is that the philosophy of mindful eating, respecting all living beings will always expand more, generating virtuous circles.


Listen to this food, it talks emitting happy vibrations.

We do not choose the easy way out, we like the commitment.

We want a full life that tastes Good”.


Written by Federica Morrone with Francesca Maniglio

Organic garden

We produce fruit, vegetables extra virgin olive oil, tomato sauce, jams. The fruit and vegetables we eat are seasonal, we use a variety of cereals and vegetable proteins, all combined with ‘super food’, ‘lesser known’ natural products (miso, algae, spirulina, tofu, the seitan) in order to equalize and balance the nutritional supply we need.

The Meals


Meals are prepared mainly with the ingredients of our gardens and with products of local producers  to offer maximum freshness and bioavailability.


During the preparation of our meals we aim to go beyond the concept of ‘good’ and ‘typical’: a diet that is tasty but also and above all healthy, making natural, light and balanced recipes.


Good and healthy for us must be synonymous: this is our starting point.

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