Ayurvedicamente Healing Center

Ayurvedicamente Healing Center

Ayurveda treatments

Ayurvedicamente Healing Center is the ideal place to regain psychophysical balance with Ayurveda treatments in Lecce.
We organize regularly panchakarma retreats. If you are interested in attending a panchakarma retreat please write us and we will give you our schedule.


Panchakarma is a radical purification therapy that detoxifies and strengthens the body, through specific procedures that vary according to fo each type of constitution and problem. Diseases cured through Panchakarma elimination therapies, in most cases do not recur. A Panchakarma retreat is one of the few tools capable of treating chronic ailments. Panchakarma is a deep detox that consists in special diet and in a series of treatments, which targets specific problems.

abhyanga Ayurveda Lecce


shirodhara Ayurveda Lecce


nasya Ayurveda Lecce


patra pinda sweda ayurveda lecce

Patra pinda sweda

Shashtika shali pinda sweda Ayurveda Lecce

Shashtika shali pinda sweda

Choorna pinda sweda Ayurveda Lecce

Choorna pinda sweda

Tarpana Ayurveda Lecce


anjana Ayurveda Lecce


virechanam Ayurveda Lecce


Dhooma panam (fumo medicto) Ayurveda Lecce

Dhooma panam

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Kathi Basthi Ayurveda Lecce

Kati basthi

Karna poorana Ayurveda Lecce

Karna poorana