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Healing Center of Agricola Samadhi is a destination to experience at any time of the year, especially on the weekend, when you can get rid of the frenzy, to let yourself be enveloped by the heat of the vapors, letting yourself be pampered with personalized treatments and wellness rituals, performed by highly specialized professionals and qualified who will be able to advise you and identify what is best for you.


The environment is intimate, welcoming and reserved: our spa can host 4 people at a time, this ensures an experience of total relaxation in full privacy and discretion, to enjoy 360 ° well-being in the company of whoever we want or just us themselves.

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We all experience moments of malaise due to the stress and continuous performance to which life subjects us: tiredness, irritability and demotivation are just some of the symptoms that suggest that we take a break.


Stress is nothing more than the loss of psycho-physical balance, a necessary condition for well-being.


Too tight work rhythms, pollution, busy life: whatever the cause of our malaise, the first thing to do is to take a break, relax the rhythm and give yourself a moment of intimacy.

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