Healing Center

Healing Center the right place to find your interior wellness and discover the armony between mind and body. It is a universe made of simple things, perfumes, colors and atmospheres.
We offer high quality massages and treatments.

Ayurvedic – a holistic massage treatment, which means that the person receiving the massage is considered in their physical, mental and spiritual entirety.

Thai– a massage technique practised by Buddhist monks in Thailand. It combines the digital pressure points of Chinese medicine with an assisted stretching, inspired by Indian yoga; these combinations open the body up energetically and physically.

Shiatsu – a massage technique widespread in Japan since the 6thcentury; a way to increase the efficacy of medical remedies, aid relaxation and combat the body’s diminished auto–immune capacity due to factors like stress and depression.

Reiki – an ancient massage technique in which the masseur transfers his/her own energy to the person receiving the treatment. The patient receives an immediate benefit due to the liberation of his/her blocked energy centres, or chakras.