Open space

Agricola Smandhi is a place where positive ideas and energies soar and become concrete, the perfect place to return to get concentration and a deep vision. It is an ancient farm, dwelling of the Maniglio family and over three-centuries-old. The villa was built by Paolo Maniglio at the beginning of the 20th Century after being designed by the famous architect Pasquale Ghezzi. However, the internationally renowned architect and landscape painter Annalisa Maniglio Calcagno was the one who conceived and designed the exteriors: 10 hectars of parks and organic farms surround the facilities of Agricola Samandhi.

Agricola Samandhi can ba easily reached and is located only a few steps far from the train station and the town centre of Zollino, with no need of any means of transportation. It is only ten minutes driving from Lecce and offers a peaceful and intimate atmosphere, which is the basic requirement to experience relax and meditation.

Inside the farm there are also safe areas dedicated to children, that is, the baby park.

Walking in the greenness you will breath clean and fresh, authentic and pure air; you may also want to linger in the hammocks surrounding the swimming pool. You will appreciate the Mediterranean vegetation, preserved through our choices of management and restoration of the farm over the years, which is now a popular and appreciated destination for travelling and retreats.

The work over three generations and the great commitment during the last 11 years have preserved the dreams and the experimental research on this place. A worksite constantly ongoing and open toward renovation, where histories, people and activities are tied together. Agricola Samandhi is even more than this: it is a place where to regain your own strength and nature and to take back every bit of time by getting the awareness of the present time and place.