Conquest the balance, give yourself wellness, cut out a space for yourself!
Come to this green oasis to regenerate yourself.
Restaurant with organic, kind and tasty food.
Yoga classes for adults and children.
Natural and vegan cooking classes.
Sauna, turkish bath and massages.
One hour, one day, the time you can …

About us

Agricola Samadhi

Agricola Samadhi is much more than a farm, it is a journey in the journey, an existential, multi-sensorial, energizing and relaxing experience. It is at the same time a proposal and practice of a lifestyle in which the priority is re-finding itself, doing good, sharing with others, experimenting with the practices of yoga and other techniques the lost connection between the body, the mind and the Heart.

What is proposed and experimented at Agricola Samadhi is the energetic recharge and psychophysical wellbeing, through a path of knowledge, the rediscovery of the body and its potential and through a diet that purifies, lightens and strengthens.

Energy recharge and psychophysical wellness will be the most precious gifts that you will bring back home with your suitcases and new friendships that always arise during the stays.

Agricola Samadhi.

An existential, multi-sensorial, energizing and relaxing experience.
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